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A Silas/Aringarosa dream^^

Hello fellow shippers :)
Seeing as I've never posted in this community I'm kind of excited now ^^´´ 

To come straight to the point:
Apparently as an early easter present, on Easter Sunday morning I had a short, yet nice dream concerning our boys...yay :D (since I normally don't dream of my pairings).
For fanfiction's sake I shall make a little story out of it, instead of just saying "After this, that happened.."   ;  )


He had been constantly running for minutes now, but still he felt the policeman to be on his heel.
With the gun in his hand ready to be fired and the forest around him ready to conceal him, he noticed a certain amount of safety dwelling within himself.
As soon as the feeling had arrived it was coldly washed away by the sounds of gunshot finding their target close to him.
Silas nearly fell when a bullet dug itself into the ground only mere inches away from his sandal clad feet.
He looked over his shoulder in mid-run only to see his persecutor coming dangerously closer.
Seeing that as the only solution the monk turned around fully and started firing wildly.
The policeman copied him and seconds later they found themselves in a battle of firing off and dodging bullets behind trees.
Yet as Silas was running for another cover while shooting behind him he slipped on the muddy forest ground.
Laughing in triumphant the other man stepped closer, pointing his gun at the fallen monk.
But then there was another movement and from behind a bush stepped nobody but Bishop Aringarosa.
"Step back." He commanded the policeman in a dangerously low voice.
The man, seeing himself confronted with two enemies at one time, wisely obeyed, his weapong now pointing at the floor.
"Are you alright, my son ?" Aringarosa asked Silas quietly as he helped him up with one arm.
"I'm- I'm sorry, Father. I slipped and lost my gun, I'm sorry for allowing something so stupid to happen.."
He looked down in shame
"Don't concern yourself with that any longer. Those things happen, you understand me ?" 
Aringarosa assured him, resting a firm hand on the albino's shoulder.
Silas looked up again at his words, nodding.
Something soft entered the Bishop's eyes, but before he was able to open his mouth the following course of events made it impossible.
Apparently the bishop's own persecutor had found his way to them and now provided a welcome reinforcement for his collegue.
Standing shoulder to shoulder next to each other the policemen now both pointed their guns at the two men in front of them.
To protect him from early bullets, Aringarosa wrapped his gun-free arm around Silas and pulled him close to his body. For a second the monk looked into his face in confusion, hoping to understand this gesture in the right way.
A moment of silence passed between the two groups, then everything happened very quickly
Aringarosa saw one of their oppononents getting ready to fire, thus decided this to be the moment to act.
Before neither of them was able to react he had shot into the leg of the right policeman, making him fall against his partner in pain.
Unpredicted, a shot went off from the man's gun.
With both of them unstable and fighting for balance it almost came as a heavenly sign that maybe one feet away from them the hill started to descend, ending in a narrow creek.
With a scream they finally fell and the last thing to be heard was their bodies rolling down the hard floor to arrive at the bottom with a loud thump.
Aringarosa broke their semi-embrace and stepped back to exhale in relief.
Meanwhilst Silas stepped forward to look at the unmoving bundle a few feet below, also noticing a red line of blood making it's way like a river towards its former owner. (Somehow it looked like an upside down "T" in my dream) With the satisfaction of their victory he stomped on it.  (and when he then raised his foot again the bloodline looked like an upside down cross...weird)
He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.
The expression of alertness in his face quickly changed to joy as he looked into his Bishops face.
"Come, let's go, my Son."



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